Waphoo implements Google Cardboard

Thumbs up fot this great initiative!

Waphoo JSC, ambitious startup company is making the first Virtual Reality Google Cardboard MMO edutainment platform for kids!

Driven to deliver pocketful of FUN, Waphoo is taking user experience to the next level!

The team meet  the new 2016 with higher goals and aspirations. They are going to implement Google Cardboard Virtual Reality  in some of their mini mobile games, part of the big project- Next-gen Mobile Edutainment MMO Platform for Kids!

This will add extra value and will make the product even more exciting for the users!

The developers behind Waphoo are using the Unity3D engine to support as many platforms as possible but the main focus stays on the mobile. They strive not only to entertain the children but also to educate them through engaging and interesting games in different fields of science. Math, geography, astronomy and many other lessons will not be boring anymore. The team is working on a great language game helping children to learn foreign languages in an affordable and intuitive way. Another great game in the 3D world will enable kids to learn more about healthy eating habits. 

Check out the demo of the product  HERE and stay with us for more updates!

Become part of this incredible 3D adventure learning your kids how to entertain and educate in a safe and fun environment!